🏓 Is SBF framed?

Hi TC folks. SBF pleads not guilty, while a major Twitch streamer admits to gambling investors' money. Core Scientific struggles with Celsius, and the COO of RTFKT loses his NFTs.

Your Favorite Crypto Digest From TradeCrypto.com #204

Daily statistics update:

Today's market is green. BTC is trading at $16,856; ETH is around $1,249.

💪 Bitcoin dominance: 39.61%

📉 Total Crypto Market Cap: $818.86B

😲 Fear and greed index: 29 (Fear)

🚀 Gainers (Top-100)

• Solana (SOL) +17.52%

• Lido DAO (LDO) +12.13%

• Ethereum Classic (ETC) +10.34%

  😭 Losers (Top-100)

• OKB (OKB) -6.11%

• XDC Network (XDC) -1.84%

• IOTA (MIOTA) -1.70%

SBF pleads not guilty 

While Sam's dearest colleagues admit they committed fraud with Sam, he plays an innocent 😇. He came to court and said that he didn't commit any of the 8 crimes he was charged with. As you recall, he's staying with his parents and will remain that way until the trial on October 2. His attorney has until April 3 to get the case dismissed. Even though Sam is lucky with his judge, he doesn't seem to think Sam's clean 🧐. He says he may be guilty of the recent activity of Alameda's wallets and points out that Sam has lied before.

Streamer admits to gambling investors' money

You may know DMP3, a famous Twitch streamer who gives away money to other streamers. He's also founder of several Web3 projects, like CluCoin, p2e Xenia, Goobers NFTs. So he admitted that he's addicted to gambling 🎰, especially with Stake Crypto Casino. And yes, as always happens, he lost all his money and some investors' money. How this will affect his projects isn't yet known.


A clever phisher hacked Nike's RTFKT COO, Nikhil Gopalani. The attacker stole and sold all of his Clone X and several other NFTs, such as CryptoKicks. In total, about $173,000 was stolen 💸. The hacker posed as an Apple representative, and COO accidentally shared his personal information. Don't ever do that! Nikhil added that he's very upset, but he's happy if those who bought his NFTs are satisfied with their purchase. Aww 🥺.

Core Scientific to shut down Celsius machines

Celsius was Core Scientific's biggest customer. But now the companies are at odds 👊. Core claims Celsius isn't paying, and Celsius says that the new electricity rate is too greedy. But it's actually the lender that's doing wrong by covering its hunger with Chapter 11, not the mining firm. Because the firm says Celsius' emergency mining at its facilities costs $2 million a month. The lender smartly said yes to shutting down the machines, but only if Core stops charging for the debt 🤡. The judge will have to pick a side.

Final Fantasy is into blockchain gaming 

Square Enix, the parent company of Final Fantasy, is bullish 🐂 on blockchain gaming in 2023 and is already developing several games. It's a funny move, not just because it's freezing here, but because hardcore Square gamers don't approve of the company's views on web3. Given the company's aggressive investment in blockchain gaming 🎮  since 2018, it's also fair to say that Square is pushing to become an industry leader. No matter what.

Conclusion: The market is green; let's move on. It looks like the news around SBF will die down soon, and we can focus on other crypto-related personalities. Like yesterday's heroes from Genesis, Gemini and DCG. And also on gaming. We recommend you read our in-depth article on Web3 gaming.

See you tomorrow, folks! Thanks for being with us.Brought to you by Maksym, Yana, and Aleksandar :)

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